The Spirit Is Sin City Minus Bruce Willis Grade C

He just one of celluloid superheroes that have no charm or charisma of any. Although Samuel L Jackson and Scarlett Johansson to keep things sexy and Sin City co-producer Frank Miller as a director, this film was missing something at its center. Sin, whereas the film had all the cards in line to be great. In theory, should serve as an appetizer for those who can t wait for bloody smiley-face New York Time praised Watchmen to be portrayed on screen, but is transformed into The Spirit is devoid of any substance that adheres to the ribs. The Spirit is probably one of the few superheroes with a trademark white-sole tennis shoes. On the basis of a fictitious place called Central City is The Spirit is a comic film whose release is inserted between The Dark Night and upcoming The Watchmen.

5.1.09 07:26

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